POWER – “People on Work Empowerment Resources” is a Leonardo da Vinci programme project (2010-2012) co-funded by the European Commission. It aims to adapt and transfer a Knowledge and Talent Management Program developed under a previous Leonardo da Vinci project TALISMAN. POWER is aimed at SMEs in the tourism sector e.g. accommodation providers, travel agencies, wellness centres, etc. in Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ireland and Greece

Project objectives include the analysis of the training program, its adaptation to the requirements of the project countries and to the needs of the target group (managers of Tourism SMEs); testing and evaluation; dissemination of information about the project and project results and preparation for their subsequent exploitation.

The main outcome of the project will be the state of the art Knowledge and Talent Management Training Program for the Touristic companies available in Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian, Slovak and English.